Choose Your Finish

We have lots of options for finish.  Just because it's not listed doesn't mean we can't do it.  Also, we do not have every color known to mankind in our inventory.  If you would like something custom, please contact us prior to ordering.  Non-standard finishes will carry an extra charge.  Our finish is a basecoat/clearcoat process just like what's used on a car.  Very high quality and a clear difference can be seen when compared to other products on the market.  Our products can be used both indoors and out, but with anything outside, eventually the protective coating will start to brake down unless it is maintained....


*Patina finish is one of a kind and due to being hand finished, no two will ever be indentical.  However we do strive to keep everything as uniform as possible*

**Polished steel finish even with clearcoat will over time start to rust under the clear**

***We warranty our paint work for 90 days.  See FAQ's***


Flat Color


Simple color with no clearcoat.  Can't be done on patina or polished finish.  Not recommended for outdoors and is not covered under the 90 day warranty if used outdoors.

Standard Paint & Clear


Non-custom colors we try to keep in our inventory.  This does not include KANDY, pearl or metallic finishes.  Please consider paint is very expensive and we may not have a standard color in our inventory yet.



Our MOST requested option on everything from signs to flags.  KANDY is translucent and allows what's under it to show through making it very vibrant.  Our standard KANDY colors are red, blue, purple, green, yellow/gold and orange.  We can get other colors upon request.



We offer several patina finishes.

  • Copper
  • Pewter over copper (Goldish color)
  • Rust
  • Heat treated/Torch effect

These can be combined to achieve some awesome end results.  Please contact us about patina finishes as we can send better detailed pictures of what a particular finish will look like.  These are achieved by hand and no two will ever be identical.

Polished Steel & Clear


Polished steel with clearcoat on it.

*Polished steel will eventually start to rust under the clear.  This cannot be prevented on steel.  However we don't discourage against this finish because it is not alot of rust build up and it gives a slight weathered look.  You have to get right up on the piece to see it and it takes a while to start the process.  Just our opinion*

Pewter over Copper


Gives a warm goldish/black color.